NBN Guide

The Small Business Guide to the NBN!

The Easy-to-Follow Guide To Get Your Small Business Ready For The NBN. 

This Guide will show you everything you need to know about: 

- Phone Calls & The NBN 

- Phone Systems & The NBN 

- Fax Machines 

- EFTPOS Machines 

- HICAPS Machines 

- Security Systems 

& Yes Your Internet Connection.

NBN Will Affect More Then Just Your Internet Connection!

You have no choice in the matter, the NBN will change everthing. It's not just about faster internet, your phone lines will be cut off and the devices you use everyday in your business will cease to work.

In The Small Business Guide To The NBN We Will Explain How The NBN Will Affect The Following Devices:

Image of Phone

Phone Systems

Wifi icon

Internet Connection

EFTPOS Machine Icon

EFTPOS Machines


HICAPS Machines

Security Camera Icon

Security Systems

Fax icon

Fax Machines

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Learn how the NBN rollout will affect your business before your phone lines are cut off and all of your devices stop working.

What People Say About Infiniti Telecommunications

“Just a quick note of thanks. Our new phone system is ideal. Shane the tech who did the install was amazing, very attentive and 100% capable. I am very grateful to Infiniti for making the whole process so easy.”

- Hayley Hair, Ali Group - Sydney, NSW

“Infiniti made my life easy with a straightforward quick and efficient installation. Their service was exceptional.”

- Stewart Macintosh, Mac Global Freight Solutions - Tullamarine, VIC

“Infiniti started the process of getting my new system rolling. They followed up at every stage and called after my installation to see if I was happy. I highly recommend Infiniti to anyone.”

- Ross Heard, Heard Services - Richmond, VIC

“I have found your service to be very prompt and always very efficient, we never hesitate to give you a call.”

- Anne Tierney, GHD Hair - Melbourne, VIC

A message from business owner to business owner….

Like most Australian small business, your telephone and internet connections are most likely the backbone of your enterprise. They drive your sales, your communication with partners, clients and suppliers and they’re key to ensuring that your staff are profitably productive. 

That’s why it is imperative that your business is prepared as the new National Broadband Network is rolled out across the country. It’s important that you understand what is happening so that you can get ready to make the shift in the smartest way possible. 

There has not been such a mandatory change to the way you operate on a daily basis since the introduction of the GST over 15 years ago. But unlike the GST introduction, an ill-prepared NBN transition can cost your business thousands of dollars in unworkable communications, wasted phone system upgrades and a loss of potential clients and sales. 

You may have already heard horror stories from business owners who have been left without working phone lines, EFTPOS machines or internet connection for weeks because they haven’t properly made the switch. This is an all too common mistake because there’s not a lot out there that gives businesses exactly the information they need to ensure this doesn’t happen to them. 

In fact, it is the sole reason we invested in producing this guide. 

These horror stories can be avoided and won’t happen to your business if you take the time to read this guide fully and take the necessary next steps to ensure a smooth transition. 

It’s no secret the NBN rollout hasn’t been as smooth as the government would like. The entire process has copped a beating in the press and thousands of complaints about the NBN have been registered with the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman. Ironically, the communication about the NBN rollout and how a small business should best prepare for the transition has, in our opinion, been particularly poor. 

The aim of this guide is to paint a much clearer picture for you, whether you choose the help of our experienced team and services or not. 

Best of luck, 

Pete Williams

Pete Williams - Founder, Infiniti Telecommunications

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